Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tobruk-Ad Lib-1972

I just liked the cover.



escriba77 said...

The name of the album cover art author is Sergio Lopes, aka Serge Holt Smith. He was also bassist of Lee Jackson, another famous Brazilian rock group of the Seventies.

Besides being musician, at that time Sergio was studying Architecture at Mackenzie University, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He did some odd jobs as illustrator in order to raise his teenage earnings.

Tobruk, you know, is one of the fake names of Brazilian pop-rock group Light Reflections, which issued several EPs and one LP in 1972. Tobruk/Light Reflections lead singer and composer was Brian Anderson, born Andre Barbosa Filho.

All of these groups took part in a movement called "Brazilian Singers", or "The Brazucas". In the first middle of the Seventies a large number of groups and singers composed, recorded and issued lots of vinyl albums sung in English.

In my humble opinion, the best of them all is "Sodom" (1971), by Kris Kringle. They started playing in Sunday ballrooms as Memphis. This LP is a highly well crafted gem. Tobruk's "Ad Lib", on the contrary, is fully made of rehearsal tapes and studio out-takes. Try this:

Finally, “Ad Lib” sounds quite amateur, except for the bassist, Ronnie Wells (born Rafael Moreno), the only real musician, and the one who holds the groove. The other ones seem to be kids playing at the garage. “Sodom”, for his turn, was played by professionals in their best shape.

Last but not least. To listening to Tobruk’s LP, follow this link:

Have fun!

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