Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rare Samples Part 2

It's been confirmed. The most succesful sample compilation on this blog is back with a part 2 and another set of obscure samples that are the closest you'll ever get to a virgin sample (if there's such a thing). I hand picked these ones and I am sure you will have fun chopping these and creating something new. Or just be lazy and loop them haha. Well, like always, less talking and more sounds so here they are.

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Anonymous said...

thanks ! some are really bizarre :)

xpot said...

for sure, time to get creative with samples.


appreciate both Rare sample packs ya cooked up here man, im slowly e-diggin thru the e-crates, ya got some killer steeze, keep em comin

setik361 said...

does anybody have the file to these link doesnt want to work if so can you plz send them to thanks

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