Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Cold Beat Tape Vol.1 - X-Pot Beats - 2013

 Here's a few beats I made in the past couple of days. These were made on chill nights when I was by myself in my grandma's basement. They kind of have a J Dilla/Dj Premier/Pete Rock mixed with my style-type of feel to them. If you like those kind of beats then you'll probably like these. They were made with my dusty MPC 2500, a mixer, a turntable and the bass came from my microkorg. Hope you like it. The cover was made in 1 minute with paint and a stock image from Google because Photoshop is overrated.

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Happy Holidays yo!

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Free beats for you listening pleasure here

Jose Mangual Jr. - Time Will Tell - Que Lo Diga El Tiempo

This one has some latin sounds for the sample heads. The samples are there but you might have to be a little more creative. Check it out.

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Un Link de Record Aqui

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Boris Manco - Sari Cizmeli Mehmet aga - 1977

So this one is one of those artists that sample heads should be familiar with by now. I've found many great samples, trippy psychodelic sounds, and it's just great music.

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Classic tihs right here yo

AtahualpaYupanqui-Cantata Tupac Amaru-1978

No, it's not another 2pac album that he recorded in cuba. It's an old record with some more interesting sounds. Get it. Sample it, let me know how it goes.

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new sounds here