Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gladys McFadden-Running Short of Love

Dope Record. Good Samples. Some drums and vibes for the sample heads.

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Gary Burton-The Good Vibe-1970

WOW. This one is hotter then kim kardashian's ass. Well, maybe not as much. But getting there.
What else can i say, good record. :)

Kim Kardashian's Rare Ass Pics (Not really... its a record but still click on it)

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Ann Sexton-1977-In The Beginning

 Heres some more soulful material. Good samples. Not the rarest record but the quality is dope. I'm sure you can find a new way of chopping some of these samples. 

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 Record is hiding behind this link

Los Angeles Negros: Rare Gems

The most awaited sample set since bizarre samples part 2 is here. People kept asking for dark soul sample so I went and found some gems that you probably havent really heard. Los Angeles Negros need no introduction. They have a cult following in the producer world so I bring some tracks that you prolly havent sampled (and you should). Here you go, enjoy. 

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Rare Samples Here