Sunday, October 3, 2010

El Beet Teip

Yo, heres an ancient beat tape I did a long time ago. Beats were made from latin samples to try to get a different flavor. Download them, fresstyle, remix them I don't care. Just know where you got them from.
Vinyl Genius of course.

Free Beat Tape!! :O


DvsMiddlefingaz said...

These beats were crazy!!! Looking forward to seeing this blog grow

xpot said...

Thanx for the support, share the blog with your friends. haha next beat tape coming soon.

dirtyfonzy said...

true, that's dope, really impressed !
With a special mention for "el trabajador" ;)

xpot said...

yeah, i like that one. The sample was asking for it so i gave it a special treat from the mpc.

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