Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oh no, it's the Vinyl Douchebag! He's back for the 9th time.

Hey there, so I'm back to the blog after a very rough time I've had in my personal life. I know many have have left, I'm thankful for anyone that still checks the blog every now and then and I'm glad if anyone new comes across this blog. I can finally focus on music again and therefore I'll post some new stuff. I'm also done with uploading so I'll put the links from mediafire. I would tell you my life story and everything that's been going on but you're here for the music I'm sure so without further ado: This one has some really crazy sounds. If you're into the trippy, outer space type of sound, this one is for you.


This is a link. Click and magic will happen.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, I'm so glad you're back...!! I love you man!

xpot said...

Uploading more records right now

Anonymous said...

keep it up! you have me!

xpot said...

More records gonna be uploaded this weekend.

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