Tuesday, November 5, 2013


More strange sounds. Different sounds from various artists. I like this record a lot and you should too. Voice samples, random sounds and some songs. I would describe this record as very random.

Here's the link below for your listening pleasure.

This is not a seat belt but you should still click it

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Anonymous said...

This will keep me busy for a while! Thanks!!! (I will post you my soundcloud soon, you will see 80% of my work is thank to you... I owe you man)


Anonymous said...

Niiice! Im glad to find some stuff here, we wont find on other blogs. Thanks for sharing!

xpot said...

No prob, I also got a new bizarre samples compilation coming soon.

Barbatruco Producciones said...

great stuff man,added to my favorites right now

Barbatruco Producciones said...

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